From President’s Desk

Swati Saha, Principal, AMIK

Our Mission

AMIK was born out of a desire to do something new and innovative in the field of education. Durgapur has been famous for its industries. During the last eighteen to twenty years, innumerable private colleges have come up in Durgapur. They offer varied courses and attract a huge number of students from all parts of India .Nevertheless there is huge demand of professionals in the welfare and development sector, none of the colleges in Durgapur offer courses in professional Social Work. Realizing the need of such education, AMIK introduced courses in professional Social Work.

People in big cities and towns have access to required services while the rest of India suffers from lack of basic facilities of living. Welfare and development organizations are also concentrated heavily in major towns and cities. Durgapur too suffers from this problem. Only a few welfare and development organizations exit in Durgapur. Social problems are increasing every day and Durgapur is no exception. There is urgent need that organizations grow up to help people in distress. I hope that students passing out from AMIK will soon explore their own welfare and development organizations and provide the much needed services to the people of Durgapur.
Our students have excelled in academics and are well placed in their jobs. We have provided 100% job placement to our students.
However much is yet to be achieved. The administration, faculty members and the staff are committed to ensure quality education and job placement to the students.
I welcome you to AMIK and wish you the very best in your career ahead.