Field Work

The fieldwork programme has been designed to achieve the following objectives:

  1. To help students understand the socio-economic, cultural and political milieu and develop capacity for critical examination of causative and maintenance factors of social problems and their consequences.
  2.  To provide students with an opportunity to apply theories in practical situations for problem solving with individuals, groups and communities.
  3.  To help students identify, plan and implement social work interventions through the application of the methods of social work and to assess their impact on different client systems in various specializations.
  4.  To help students appreciate the role of social work profession empowering individuals, groups and communities and in facilitating social change, ensuring
    human rights and social justice.
  5.  To help students develop skills and appropriate personality qualities required for professional social work practice.
  6.  To provide opportunities to accept challenges and respond to them. 
  7.  To understand the nature of social work practice in different specialization.