Rural Camp

Objectives of Rural Camp

1. To develop an understanding of the rural social structures and cultural processes with special reference to specific groups experiencing poverty and deprivation
2. To develop an understanding of the level of government intervention in relation to below the poverty line groups in the area and the related structure of decision–making and intervention.
3. To develop the capacity to make a critique of the intervention of both the voluntary organizations and the Government Agencies in relation to the specific groups ( Below the poverty line group).
4. Through experience in group living, appreciate its value in terms of self-development,interpersonal relationships sense of organization, management and mutual responsibility.
5. To acquire skills in planning, organizing, implementing and evaluating the camp

  Last rural camp (December 2021). Our study tour was from Baghmundi to visit the Ajodhya Hills and Baghmundi dams like Murguma. Baghmundi CD block is bounded by the Jhalda I, Jhalda II and Arsha CD block on the north, the Balarampur CD block on the east, the kukru CD block, in the Seraikela Kharsawan district at Jharkhand, on the south, and the Jhalda I CD block on the west. We stayed at Vivekananda Vikash Kendra, a welfare organization working for the upliftment of tribal community of Baghmundi block.

Our students participated in group work with the children of this organization, and also visited the village of tribal community to distribute some clothes and football..

Study tour

Through study tour the gained lot of experience in various aspects of group living. The students were also exposed to new environment and acquired some knowledge about the cultural aspects and also a vast exposure to the discipline of social work.

Objectives of Study Tours:

  1. To provide an opportunity to the students to experience varied community culture, group dynamics and understand the importance of social relationships.
  2. To be aware of various socio-cultural patterns, value systems and social practices in different parts of the state/ country/world.
  3. To visit various reputed organizations related to their field of specialization and understand and functioning of such successful organizations.
  4.  To build in competencies related to planning, implementation and execution of tasks related to the organizing group travel and accommodation and visit etc.
  5.  To impart training in social work education through purposeful recreation, sightseeing and discussion in different places and atmosphere.